You are loved

“You Are Loved” mural by Alex Cook in Burlington, VT. Read more about this project here.

As I started to say goodbye to my friends and family today, I couldn’t hold back tears. I often cry, so this wasn’t entirely surprising, but in that moment I was so overwhelmed by how lucky I am and I didn’t want the weekend to end. I’m extremely grateful people traveled from all over the country to celebrate with me, and those who couldn’t be there reached out to wish me well. This weekend was a really special one, but also the latest in a series of incredible memories I have with these beautiful, brilliant individuals. I never want to take for granted how fortunate I am and what a privilege it is to feel this love.

First stop, morning swim at the reservoir in Waterbury, VT.

This weekend included some of my favorite things (friends, family, beer, hats, food, lakes, karaoke, Vermont) and my sister gave me a few tasks to accomplish.


I checked off 8 out of 12 and plan to follow through with finishing this list next week with my family in the Cape. Very disappointed I didn’t get two of the easiest ones (6 & 12), but there were a lot of competing priorities.

♥Thankful for the great moments captured this weekend.

Welcome to Waterbury
BU Gymnastics and friends
Obligatory handstand photo
Vermont Brewers Festival beginnings

This is my second year going to this festival and it has not disappointed. It’s $45 for the entry and with that you get 15 tasting tickets and a 3oz souvenir glass. Beers under 8% ABV are 1 ticket and over 8% are 2 tickets. There are food vendors on site as well as law games and areas to sit and relax. The setting is right on Lake Champlain and makes for a gorgeous day.

Lake Champlain
3/4 of 726 Comm Ave
The other 1/4 of 726 Comm Ave
Cousins make the best friends
It was a bit warm, but nothing a Texas girl can’t handle.
Fam slam

Blessed with the best family.

Favorite Beers from the festival:

Descriptions and info pulled from brewery websites and the festival  website.

  • “Brattlebeer” 5.2% ABV, barrel aged sour with local apples by Hermit Thrush Brewery. This was probably my top choice.
  • “Social Club” 5.2% ABV, 48 IBU, American pale ale by Good Measure Brewing Co.
  • “Rickey Weisse” 4.7% ABV, mixed Fermentation sour ale aged with raspberries and limes by Night Shift Brewery.
  • “Rasberry Sour” 4.75% ABV, kettle sour with raspberries by Otter Creek Brewing Co.
  • “Im-Peach-Mint” 3.9% ABV, An oddly orange brew with notes of irony, poetic justice, peaches and locally grown apple mint by Stone Corral Brewery.
  • “Focal Banger” 7% ABV, American IPA by The Alchemist.
  • “Strawberry Moon” 5.2% ABV, 10 IBU, American Sour Ale brewed with 2400 lbs. of strawberries from Adam’s Berry Farm by Zero Gravity Craft Brewery.
  • “Key Lime Gose” 3.8% ABV, 8 IBU gose brewed with key lime, pink Himalayan salt, and a touch of pineapple to make a great, refreshing summer beer by Farnham Ale & Lager.
Time to go
Just a quick rest.
Nothing to see here.
Squad in sun.
My sister is the cutest sister.
Post-festival handstand with wall assist in front of Mary Lacy hummingbird mural.
Outside of the Crystal Wagner art exhibit, “Traverse”.
Cute friends drinking coffee.

My cousin in Massachusetts sent us a champagne toast to kick off our delicious dinner at Single Pebble in Burlington.


Seeking advice from a married couple.
Requesting “Hot in Herre” by Nelly. Unfortunately, the DJ told me he only played house music and therefore could not accommodate my request.
Bathroom sunglasses selfie.
Karaoke kweens singing Ke$ha.
Dancing kweens.
Goodbye for now 🙂

Thank you friends! This was the best weekend ever.

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