Frugal, Fancy, Friday: Cape Edition 2018

The Serio family heads to the Cape this weekend for our 15th annual summer vacation!

Over the years our fashion sense has evolved, but we always have a few staple items. Most important, our “Serio” branded apparel. Since 2007, we’ve ordered custom t-shirts each year for our wiffle-ball game. As we got older and less into wiffle-ball we shifted to other logos bearing our name. In 2016, we switched it up for my favorite Serio swag ever, a baseball hat. This year I look forward to sweatshirts which will let everyone know “we SERIOusly love the Cape”.

A look back at the Serio fashion line. Not pictured: 2011.

As I packed for my favorite week of the year, I made sure to include some of my frugal favorites along with my family swag.

My Cape wear is pretty casual, with the exception of “Lily” night items, but those don’t fit into the “frugal” category so I won’t feature them here today. There is an annual sale which is pretty solid and if you hunt you can find tons of Lily items at consignment shops such as Revolve in Boston. It’s a very east coast look, so I don’t expect to find or wear much Lily in Austin.

Inadvertently featured in this post is my parents’ house, so enjoy!

♥First up, a typical daily look. I paired my 2016 Serio hat with my 2017, custom tie-dye t-shirt (my personal favorite from all the years). I had a big tie-dye phase in high school, but I don’t think I ever really got over it. The shorts were purchased from Uptown Cheapskate in Austin for $8. Originally from Forever 21, nothing special, but I like the rips and the grey wash. Outfit completed by my non-frugal, but definitely fancy, rose gold Birkenstocks. A worthwhile splurge as they are the most comfortable shoes and they last forever. You can often find them at Nordstrom Rack for about half the cost, and occasionally at consignment shops. Since they form to your feet, they are one item I don’t typically look for used.

♥Next up, I have my favorite tee purchased at a Springsteen concert for $30. You can get it online from their official store, if that’s your thing (probably isn’t?). If it is, however, there’s tons of Bruce merch on ebay. Paired this shirt with the comfiest pants from TJ Maxx. They brand is Indigo Rein, something I haven’t heard of, but they were only $13. From a little research on Google, it seems like you can get them at Macy’s, Kohl’s and other similar stores. As you can see, they provide plenty of mobility for activities.

♥This shirt isn’t the most “classy”, but it really speaks to me. Purchased for $2 at Goodwill, I thought it was a solid find. Paired it with some Levi shorts from a consignment shop (I can’t remember which one, but I will figure it out) in Austin for $30. Normally, I wouldn’t spend $30 on used shorts, but I was in a pinch and I’m a big Levi fan. They are part of the 505 collection, so I’m pretty sure they were pants, cut into shorts. My other pair of Levi shorts, I cut myself from a pair of Levi’s purchased on sale from Urban Outfitters for $10. Definitely an easy way to make a solid pair of jean shorts.


♥Next, a comfy pre-faded long sleeve tee purchased from a surf shop in Kauai. Shirts of this nature are a dime-a-dozen in any beach town and I highly recommend them for vacation wear. Also pictured, my white Levi shorts featured in the last post ($13 at Uptown Cheapskate. The book was also bought used, for only $2 at an amazing used book store and cafe called Sandy’s Books and Bakery in Rochester, Vermont. They don’t have a website, but here is some info from trip advisor. I highly recommend this read though it is certainly not light, focusing on World War 2 from the perspective of two different children. A review can be found here.


Please note the high school glamour shot above the piano. I also do not know how to play the piano. 

♥Last up, athletic wear! My cousins will inevitably force me to exercise with them, so I need to be prepared. I used to think it would be weird to get used athletic wear, but then I saw how expensive full-priced Lululemon is and I got over that. I purchased these Lululemon capri pants from Revolve for around $23 and Lululemon top from Buffalo Exchange for $18. Both were barely worn, I gave them a wash and voilà, frugal fancy athleisure outfit complete! I’ve seen an increasing number of athletic clothes especially from brands like Lululemon and Athleta in consignment shops as they are crazy expensive full-priced. Often you can find them with the tags still on. Used-clothing stores in expensive towns are prime spots for mint-condition athleisure wear.

And yes, that is an old gymnastics mat my mom has open at all times in our sun room.

Check back this week for a special post featuring photos from Cape years past, as well as a re-cap of my experience at Springsteen on Broadway!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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