Frugal, Fancy, Friday: Fiance Edition!

Vacation last week set me back a bit in my posting, but here’s a special “Frugal, Friday” featuring my wonderful fiancé!

Andrew does not love to shop, but he looooooves to save money, so consignment and thrift shops are perfect for anytime he needs a new ‘fit.

First up, Andrew’s literal favorite shirt. I could post about 100 pics with this shirt on, but I’ll spare all of you dedicated readers. As you can see this versatile beach shirt can be worn anywhere from the Beyonce & Jay-Z concert to back home in Austin. This lovely item was purchased for $15 in Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard. The great irony, is Andrew purchased this shirt very begrudgingly after he sweat through a button down he wore on our bike ride. How much it’s now worn has become a joke between us, but I love it because it reminds me of our fun time spent on Vineyard.

Next up we have another fave, purchased from Goodwill for about $3. As you can see this item can be worn for light hiking or other casual events. We assume this is referring to the beach town, Seaside Heights in New Jersey, but who knows.


Third, we have a green check, J. Crew button down. Purchased from Buffalo Exchange for around $20.

It can go anywhere! First pictured at my best friends engagement party, this shirt is appropriate for a dressed up occasion with a nice pair of dress pants or dark jeans.

Disregard the sweat and wine. It’s a sign of a good time.

It can also be worn in a more casual (east coast casual) way. Pictured here with some grey khaki J. Crew shorts purchased at their factory outlet. This staple pair of basic shorts retails for around $19-$45 bucks depending on if they’re on sale or not.

My cousin made me pose like this.

Once again, we have the same shirt this time paired with a pair of black Levi’s jeans, around $20 at Buffalo Exchange. I love these jeans as they look great on Andrew and can be paired with pretty much anything.

So happy to take more pictures.

Lastly, this shirt was recently worn on a special day when Andrew and I headed up to VT to get our marriage license. We went back to our venue, Mad River Barn, for one final time before we head there in October to get married!

We will be married here in less than two short months!

Another nice casual piece, Andrew bought this polo at Target on sale for about $12. He has it in two colors and has definitely got his money’s worth of wears.

A bit more on the fun side, we have some printed items. The shirt on the left was purchased from Buffalo Exchange for $20 for our Hawaiian theme dinner while on a trip to Kauai with our friends. This print was paired with another J. Crew pair of basic shorts. The grey tee was also from Buffalo Exchange. Unsure of exact cost, but under $10. Andrew’s bathing suit was another Target purchase for $20. I have my cousin to thank for the clever caption. Andrew insisted on wearing his sweatshirt like this all day.

This “NASA” tee is also from Buffalo Exchange. It was again around $10. I’m a big fan. One of my favorite students had a NASA tee, so he inspired me to get this one for Andrew. You can also currently find these at Target for $12 and in a few different varieties for a little more money.


Last, but not a least a memento from our trip to Hawaii, a casual t-shirt from a shop called Progressive Expression in Koloa. The shirt is paired with the green “Sutton” pant from the J. Crew Factory Outlet currently on sale for $34.50.


Stay tuned for a post about our time back on the East coast and next week’s Frugal Friday: First day of school edition!

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